Collaboration Room

Your 24/7 cost-saving platform.

Get insight into the current needs of your business. Finally.

Collaboration Room features
  • Your own all-in-one digital marketplace
  • Tailor-made on a universal basis, fully flexible and scalable
  • Robust solution for mid-sized enterprises
  • Easy access to data at any time
What we do

We help our clients be highly effective in how they operate.

We developed a cost-saving platform platform called Collaboration Room. Benefits for owners, shareholders and CEOs:
  • Valuable insight into company┬┤s needs
  • Keep the know-how in one place
  • Source of data for data analytics
  • Tool for higher transparency
JSP Consult – Collaboration Room
Why our platform?

Never miss an opportunity
to save operating costs
and better utilize resources

Collaboration Room is a bespoke B2B platform,
a ready-made solution that your company will own

JSP Consult – Collaboration Room

Why use this platform

  • Saves 2-5% of your operating costs
  • Flexible to your needs and scalable
  • Return on investment in months, not years
  • Internal collaboration, cross-industry, cross-company and international partnerships
  • Fast installation of the base version – one month

The main goals of the platform

  • Reduction of costs
  • Improvement in the use of company resources
  • Overview of current company needs and costs
  • Improvement of communication with internal stakeholders and external partners
  • Tool for compliance and internal audit


Watch this short video
about our 24/7 cost-saving platform and
learn how it works.



Collaboration Room
is great for…

all companies open to cooperation and
innovative technological solutions

Learn more

  • New Suppliers
    Choose from a wider range of suppliers and buy cheaper
  • Shared procurement
    Reduce prices to minimum
  • Waste disposal management
    Monetize everything for which you have no use

  • Assets and production capacities
    Rent them out and let them make money
  • Human resources
    Don’t leave spare capacity sitting idle
  • Sales
    Support sales through the platform


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Collaboration Room leverages the benefits of platforms to save costs in your company.

  • Internal and external use
  • Opportunity suggestions and notifications
  • Web, desktop or mobile access
  • Easy and flexible to use

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