Reasons to choose Collaboration Room

How will your organisation benefit from choosing to work with the Collaboration Room platform?

  • New Suppliers
    Choose from a wider range of suppliers and buy cheaper
  • Shared procurement
    Reduce prices to minimum
  • Waste disposal management
    Monetize everything for which you have no use

  • Assets and production capacities
    Rent them out and let them make money
  • Human resources
    Don’t leave spare capacity sitting idle
  • Sales
    Support sales through the platform

General Benefits

Overview of the company´s needs

Thanks to our platform, issues and needs that are not communicated across the whole company and are restricted to several branches will become more visible and a topic discussed at the top management level. And the management can take appropriate steps to tackle these issues.

Cost saving (Procurement)

Employees frequently order only from existing suppliers, without addressing the critical issue of achieving the best price or favorable terms and conditions. When a request is entered into the system, transparency increases and a better price is achieved.

Due to quarantine or government measures, the existing supplier may fail to deliver. With our platform, you can find offers from suppliers who have previously responded to your contract tender requests in the past.

Finding a new or the most advantageous supplier is not easy. Web scraping can be used to pre-screen and speed up the new vendor approval process.

Web scraping

Web scraping is a technology that retrieves unstructured information from web pages and stores it in a structured format. (More)

Supplier pre-qualification

The company can define the criteria for suppliers it wants to cooperate with (specific certification requirements, qualifications, and references). The company can also easily maintain internal evidence of a supplier’s quality of work done/products supplied, reliability, feedback regarding issues and the results of their cooperation.

Unified administration

Proving and archiving evidence for tenders requires a lot of administration. The platform will maintain all evidence in one place.

Efficient use of company resources

When an employee departs, their know-how and contacts often disappear with them. In today’s volatile times, it is advantageous to have information (such as previous offers and requests) stored in the cloud, not in the employee’s email inbox or computer hard drive.

Companies are currently trying to save at least a portion of the costs associated with office buildings while also trying to offload unused tangible assets (such as machinery, equipment, cars, warehouses) as part of the drive to minimize contact between employees. The offer of unused assets or the demand for new, more flexible office space can both be published on the platform for other companies to view.

Waste disposal management and adoption of circular economy principles

Sale of waste can present a significant opportunity to not only save costs (instead of paying for disposal) but also to create a new revenue stream.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting and investor expectations

The use of Collaboration Room contributes to meeting the requirements of a corporate ESG report: efforts to lower carbon footprint, improve sourcing of raw materials (environmental pillar), labor management and human capital development, access to communication (social pillar) and transparency (governance pillar).

New partnerships and cooperation

The creation of smaller, more flexible production units, reduction of SKUs and new partnerships with other companies may be the key to significant cost-savings.

Improvement of communication

Effective internal communication is a persistent challenge for many companies. But the now widespread work from home arrangements has made communication within the company even more challenging. Our platform offers real-time status updates regarding the current needs of your company, thus simplifying internal communication and improving the interaction with business partners.


Focus on data analytics – each company generates an enormous amount of valuable data – the platform containing all requirements and offers could serve as an invaluable source of data for the Big Data analytics.

Visibility of current needs may lead to process automation (e.g., tenders or search for new suppliers) or outsourcing of some administrative processes.

Availability of real-time information regarding current needs of the company has the potential to change decision making. Having more robust information (such as price comparisons, cost of raw materials from various suppliers) earlier than other market players may be a competitive advantage.

Co-innovations and partnerships – the platform will help build a community of suppliers, customers and employees. New partnerships and co-innovations can be created using the platform. Your current business partners do not often know about your new initiatives.

Industry specific benefits

Faster identification of current needs and prevention of downtime – the platform will help establish the business problem that needs to be addressed as well as enable 24-hour access to more granular insights about the needs of different branches within the company.

Critical spare parts – a request is raised for a critical spare part that is not available – a stock manager from another branch learns about this request on the platform and knows a supplier who can deliver quickly.

Tooling suppliers for automotive group – suppliers learn about their customer’s exact needs faster and can offer a new, innovative solution even before they are directly approached with a requirement for it.

Focus on new partnerships — our B2B platform can help with a new approach for engineering and construction companies, to identify ecosystem partners they can work with to enable connected construction together. This ecosystem approach can be a key enabler for adjusting to new market realities and responding better to disruptions.

Cheaper raw materials – It is a good practice to process secondary raw materials beside primary ones. Secondary raw materials come back into the product chain again as parts or ingredients for new products, they are usually much cheaper to buy than original raw materials due to the fact that they are considered waste by their producer. A good example is the use of plastic parts from granulate.

Waste – Retailers generate a lot of waste, much of which is recyclable, like plastic and paper. The platform can find a reliable partner for whom this will be a valuable source of a raw material without any intermediary.

Collaboration – collaboration is seeing a surge in popularity when it comes to coordination and communication between field teams and the office. A majority of firms report they use file-sharing sites to collaborate with partners, while one-third of them report that they use online project collaboration software. The platform will enable sharing knowledge and experience within branches in one country or company group.

Shared Procurement – the B2B platform enables you to find partners for shared procurement, which offers all organizations in a project a shared system to do business, allowing them to buy products and services together. This means companies buying together can get discounts when they purchase more than minimum order quantity.

Internal communication – this B2B platform is an innovation tool that helps improve your internal communication while reducing marketing costs – sharing company information, advertising internal job openings and creating internal projects teams using the platform. All of this is becoming a natural way to bring disconnected teams towards a shared goal.

Internal cooperation – this B2B platform can function as an early alert tool for cases where a fast reaction and assistance is needed – receive an alert when one branch needs help when an emergency happens and spare parts are urgently needed or a machine stops working and a replacement cannot be delivered quickly.

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