Collaboration Room is made to be straightforward and easier to use than […]

Collaboration Room is made to be straightforward and easier to use than other similar tools, yet it’s anything but lacking when it comes to features!

Features which make us who we are…

  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility


Company-owned platform

Your company will control who will access your data and how your data will be processed – this is your private digital marketplace. Collaboration Room enables your company to save costs and better utilize your own resources.

Tailor-made solution

The customization possibilities of Collaboration Room are limitless. Collaboration Room is scalable and can be fully adapted to meet your needs.

Internal and external use

Collaboration room was developed as a single platform to better utilize resources both within your company and with external business partners.

Cost savings from the bottom up

Our platform enables your employees to take the cost saving initiative by posting their demands and offers onto the platform, raising awareness of issues that might management may have overlooked.

Web, desktop, or mobile access

Written as a web-application, Collaboration Room is accessible from all digital devices via the web.

Cloud or Self-Hosted

Your company can choose to host Collaboration Room on your own server or on our secure cloud. Allow your business to go completely paperless with access to Collaboration Room from anywhere.

Easy-to-use and flexible

The user experience of collaboration room is comparable with modern web platforms and offers an intuitive and flexible interface.

Customizable notifications

Users are notified via e-mail about offers and requests if they match their criteria. The appearance and frequency of these notifications can be easily customized.

Opportunity suggestions

Your suppliers will not miss any relevant internal requests as they will be notified about such opportunities if they fit their defined areas of interest.

Administration portal

Collaboration Room offers an administration portal to manage the contents of the platform and keep an overview of the users and opportunities.

Anti-Spam Protection

Collaboration Room uses Google’s reCAPTCHA v3 to effectively reduce spam without hindering the user experience.


Collaboration Room seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams and we are working on integrations with other common business software solutions.

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