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How Gaining Greater Procurement Transparency Protects Your Company Against Fraud

When companies reach a certain size, it becomes more and more challenging […]

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Collaboration Room is not ERP, fortunately

Wondering what are the differences between ERP systems and B2B platforms like Collaboration Room?

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Why B2B Buyers Switch to New Suppliers

The B2B landscape is changing, fast.

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How Suppliers Benefit from B2B Online Marketplaces

B2B Online Marketplaces Now the Fashion

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Advantages of Using a B2B E-commerce Platform

There are many advantages to using a B2B ecommerce platform, and they […]

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B2B Payment Terms Take A Hit From COVID-19

Delayed payments continue to plague suppliers, particularly smaller players, and unfortunately, the […]

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The 3 biggest trends in B2B commerce for 2021

Business-to-business (B2B) commerce will continue to undergo a major transformation in 2021 […]

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Bespoke operating B2B platform

Czech startup ZYNCTOS Consulting comes to market with an innovative application Co-creator […]

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How to get useful information for management?

There is a general opinion in society that large companies (corporations) are […]

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