A competitor as an ally

Shared Economy
JSP Consulting
January 5, 2021

With a bit of exaggeration, it could be said that if Apple and Google could start cooperating, then everyone can. COVID-19 seems to have opened the eyes of many companies, and many have begun to realize that strength can be found in cooperation and joining forces. Firms have thus begun to look for new allies in areas that could effectively complement their own expertise. However, some companies have not been afraid to cross the line and start cooperating with their biggest competitor.

Whereas in the first wave of coronavirus, many collaborations were mainly in the nature of reviving or maintaining production and services, now, among other things, new products and innovative solutions have started to emerge thanks to cooperation between competitors.

In what scenarios is it worth going into cooperation with a competitor? As an example, it could be useful if you want to share the costs of research and development. Or you might want to instigate a culture of useful information and knowledge-sharing with competitors in your industry. The choice is yours.

However, where can you find the right allies? Have you considered using web-scraping technology? You can easily find new customers, suppliers, and business partners with it. Additionally, with the use of a B2B platform, you can clearly search, filter, and, if interested, always contact a relevant person from another company.



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