Wondering what are the differences between ERP systems and B2B platforms like Collaboration Room?

In this article we will show a practical example in the field of inventory.

Imagine you are a big international company. You have several branches based in the Czech Republic and various others spread across European countries. Each branch has its specific needs and each of them uses their resources in a different way. The Czech branch operates as an SSC (shared service center), whereas Romania is a production center.

One day, the production plant unexpectedly runs out of a critical component. Downtime is expensive and the company cannot afford it. What will the responsible employee do? He looks into the ERP system, where he finds out that this component is unfortunately not in stock in any European warehouse. What next? How can you let other branches know that you urgently need to resolve this situation? It will be difficult through a corporate ERP system. However, the B2B platform Collaboration Room can offer a quick solution.

The Romanian worker submits a request to the Collaboration Room for assistance with the missing spare part, which immediately reaches all other branches. The responsible user from the Czech Republic will receive a notification of this request. Luckily, he knows a domestic 3D printer manufacturer who can produce the missing part immediately. The Czech worker will then immediately connect the 3D printer manufacturer with the Romanian branch. The result is the satisfaction of everyone’s needs within a few days. The Romanian branch can continue with the production, and the 3D printer becomes a new supplier for the entire international company as well as a new user of the B2B platform. All thanks to the connection made via the platform and the quality work provided.

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